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The Elbarbary Experience

A strategic vision does not define a company's success - its people do. At Elbarbary, we accord intellectual capital prime importance and provide our people a creative, collaborative environment that encourages initiative, drive and a sense of professional fulfillment. Elbarbary Group of Companies has worked diligently to ensure independent thought and input from all levels of the organization, essential to the organization's survival.

Our people are the growth engine of this organization and have helped define what Elbarbary is today. As Elbarbary, we help clients achieve their targets, and change the rules of the contest, by taking approaches that go beyond the conventional. We work with our clients, right from the idea generation to planning, execution, and change thereon.

With a corporate culture based on Creativity and Innovation, we endeavor to practice something new, something different every day, and have established a commendable position in the Hyundai Motor, Hino, Tires & Lubricants, PIL Shipping, Building Material, Electronics, IT & Transportation industry.

Our key success factors have been well-founded professional know-how - in each individual sector - a practiced culture of knowledge transfer, and a high degree of employee commitment.

However, no organization can afford to rest on its laurels. Every day offers a chance to exploit opportunities and extend our reach. We are looking for candidates who are interested in challenging work and a dynamic career in a company that values creativity and intellectual curiosity,

As a trainee at Elbarbary, you get exposure to a multitude of options either in the Hyundai hino motor, Tires Lubricants or shipping, Electronics/IT, Building Materials & Transportation etc.

So, if you wish to turn your aspirations into achievements, then do browse through the opportunities available at Elbarbary.

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Elbarbary Group of Companies
Nbr 8, Plot 13 SH, Industrial Area, Khartoum South,
P.O.Box. 996, Khartoum 11111, Sudan
Tel : +249-183-484083
Fax : +249-183-484247/8
Email : jobs@elbarbary.sd
Website : www.elbarbary.sd


If you have the passion to realize your dreams, be a part of the Elbarbary movement.
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