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Elbarbary Agriculture Products


Sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum) - High oil content (49% min) Natural Whitish Sudanese sesame Seeds -APPLICATIONS : food products and edible oil manufacture
Gum Arabic (gum acacia) – Dry exudates obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal – Applications: Emulsifier, thickening and encapsulating agent, also other general & technical
Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) – Applications : Food products, Medicinal and Beauty products
Ground nuts (Arachis hypogaea) - Sudanese Ground nuts – Applications : peanut candy, salted nuts, and peanut butter
Sorghum- Applications: Food crop - Important staple food in Asia and Africa and popular worldwide for livestock. Also used in the extraction of Ethanol for bio fuel applications
Recyclable metals: Consisting of : steel, copper, aluminum, iron - Generally extracted from: ships, used cars, aluminum cans, white appliances , rail, wires, pipes & other metallic products)
Other products – Including Livestock, and Various Raw Materials used for Leather , glue and gelatin Manufacturing processes.



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