• Powerful yet light on its feet
  • A chic way to get around
  • Mobile comforts redefined
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  • Easy riding

    With everything you need within reach, Eon takes on-the-road convenience to new heights.

  • Best in its class

    An advanced new engine, unmatched mileage and impressive horsepower make for the most fuel-efficient car in its segment.

  • Approachably fabulous

    Stylish but unpretentious. Eon brings you style you want to have.

  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_04 EXTERIOR- Hexagonal grille
    - Sporty yet trustworthy appeal
    - Stylish head and rear combination lamps
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_05 INTERIOR- Two tone color scheme
    - Comfort you will get used to
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_06 PERFORMANCE- Compact 0.8ℓ Epsilon engine
    - Fuel economy of 20.8km/ℓ
    - 56ps and 7.6kg·m
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_07 SAFETY- Driver airbag
    - Reinforced body structure
    - Radiator support panel
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_08 CONVENIENCE- Front power window
    - Remote control key, heating and air conditioning
    - iPod, USB connectivity
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Sporty & stylish at every turn

Dynamic character lines and innovative touches create a ride that never
compromises on style and always gets you there in style.

Head lamp
Swept back headlamps provide not only all-around illumination,
but a flash of class.
Chrome grille and large intake
With a touch of cool and a reassuring presence, the 2-tone chrome radiator grille has Hyundai written all over it. Large air intake is integral to the sporty look. It also serves to maximize engine and radiator cooling efficiency.

Breezy and fun.
What's not to love?

Serving as the perfect extension of you, Eon hits the bulls-eye
in roominess and complete satisfaction in all other important
categories: drivability, style, economy and safety.

Rear spoiler with LED high-mounted stop lamp
A high-mounted LED stop lamp built into the roof-mounted rear spoiler makes for safer braking and aerodynamic efficiency.
Rear combination lamp
Elegant rear combination lamps are designed to harmonize with the overall fluidic sculpture design language. Extra-large reflectors maximize visibility and visual appeal.

  • Body color side mirror
    Body-colored side mirrors extend color and style.

  • Micro antenna
    A highly compact roof-mounted antenna that might as well double as an accessory ensures crystal-clear reception of AM and FM radio signals.

  • Fog lamp
    Unique triangular fog lamps lend extra visibility in foggy conditions and a sporty flair.

  • Spray washer
    For a cleaner and neater look double spray nozzles are discretely integrated to maximize the coverage.


    Make yourself at home

    Lines and arches that gracefully meet, two-tone colors that converse with chrome accents.
    This is where practicality meets emotion.

    Trunk space

    Forget about packing light. Hyundai’s design ingenuity has made every inch count, making it easier for you to take off on a weekend jaunt with a 215? trunk capacity.

    • Dual cup holders
      Cup holders in the centre console prove that convenience goes hand-in-hand with smart design.

    • Door pockets
      Pockets in the door offer not only a clever nook for your maps and bottles, but elegant design that shows Hyundai's fluidic design principles in action.

    • Dashboard upper tray
      A place for all your needs. An upper tray on the dashboard is perfect for dropping your keys, phone, etc.

    • Head rest
      For added safety and comfort, front seats come with vertically adjustable headrests.

    • Rear parcel shelf
      The rear parcel shelf neatly divides the luggage space and the cabin. A handy place to store something when all the seats are occupied and the luggage space is full.

    • Steering wheel
      An optional 3-spoke power steering wheel accented with metallic inserts gives you sportiness you can grip. The tilt-adjustable steering column lets you have the precise control you want.

    • Climate control
      Eon doesn’t compromise when it comes to heating, cooling and ventilation. The core of the system is a front heater core, a 4-speed blower driven by a powerful motor and easy-to-use rotary-type controls.

    Epsilon 0.8 MPi

    Enjoy optimum fuel efficiency at all times with the 814cc
    eco-friendly Epsilon engine and unmatched mileage
    of 20.8 km/? via weight reduction and reduced friction loss.

    Transmission: 5-speed manual
    Motor driven power steer (MDPS)
    Replacing the conventional hydraulic powered steering system with
    an electric motor has greatly reduced steering complexity and
    weight while maintaining excellent steering response and
    helping boost fuel economy.

    • 5-Speed manual transmission
      The silk-smooth 5-speed manual transmission ensures high level of involvement with your vehicle and maximum fuel economy.

    • Suspension
      The Eon rides on a McPherson strut suspension in the front with an anti-roll bar and coil springs fitted around gas-charged dampers. In the back is a torsion beam axle suspension supplemented by coil springs and gas-charged shock absorbers.

    • Disc front brakes
      13-inch ventilated front disc brakes and reliable rear drum brakes deliver impressive stopping power.

    Driver airbag

    Front, driver-side airbag modules and seat belts help
    reduce the risk of serious injury.

    Reinforced structure
    We've got you covered. With a square-shaped radiator support panel, reinforcement on the floor panel and door side impact beams, the Eon's strong body structure helps counter the force of impact.

    • Upper body
      Redesigned to effectively distribute impact forces which will ensure the least force transferred to the passenger space.

    • Side door strength
      Side doors are reinforced for the maximum protection of you and your family.

    Everything you want, within reach

    A gauge cluster featuring a futuristic three-barrel design with attractive chrome
    accents offers easy access to vital vehicle information.

    Welcoming ceremony
    Eon literally welcomes you by presenting a unique lighting
    ceremony to you in fuel gauge.

    Audio system
    Enjoy your choice of music and players with the aux input & USB port. A well-integrated audio system surrounds you with high-quality sound.

    Front power window
    Fresh air is just a click away thanks to power windows that do the work for you.

    • Power outlet
      Recharge your phone and more on the go with the 12V outlet next to the front storage bin.

    • Remote control key
      Get used to the convenience of locking and unlocking your Eon with just the touch of a button.


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