• Dynamis, urban design
  • The convenience of users inside the space
  • Effcient technologies and Robust Stability
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  • Australia's best car

    The H-1 has been awarded "Australia's best cars awards" in the people mover category by the Australian automobile association for two years in a row.

  • Versatility of Van and Wagon

    For maximized racticality, van comes with twin swing gate at the rear while wagon is equipped with standard hatch-style door.

  • Various seating options

    Drivers can use the interior space more practically with the seat variation feature.

  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_04 EXTERIOR- Head lamps - Rear combination lamps - Fog lamps
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_05 INTERIOR- Interior colour package - Multi-purpose seating
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_06 PERFORMANCE- Theta 2.4 MPi - Transmission - Suspension - Manoeuvres made easy
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_07 SAFETY- Airbag system - Disc brakes
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_08 CONVENIENCE- Air conditioning system - Back-up warning system - AUX Terminal
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with dignity

The scene is typical of modern living.
The H-1 effortlessly whisks a group of
colleagues – or perhaps old mates –
from the city to the airport.
The wagon is in its element in these
circumstances, so easy to get into and
out of. With nine or twelve seats, it has
all the space needed by the travellers.

Head lamps
The characteristic head lamp shape, gracefully flared into the bodywork, marks the H-1 as a member of the Hyundai family.
Rear combination lamps
The lamp clusters wrap around the sides and group together the rear lights, reversing lights, direction indicators and reflectors.
Fog lamps
The wagon versions feature a pair of fog lamps, which are neatly blended into the lower section of the front bumper.

  • Tilting doors
    The hinge mountings allow the two front doors to open at a distinct angle in order to help the front seat occupants to access the vehicle more easily.

  • Double swing rear doors
    For maximised practicality, customer can choose twin swing gate at the rear as an option in the van model.

  • Micro aerial
    Good radio reception in all areas is virtually certain thanks to the standard fitting of a roof-mounted aerial.

  • Flush glass
    The multi-seat wagon versions of the H-1 are available with flush-fitting side windows for improved aesthetics and quietness.

  • Chrome grille
    A touch of class is added in most markets with an attractive chrome finish to the now traditional Hyundai grille.

  • Side garnish
    The top model wagons are available with this attractive side garnish between the wheels.

  • 16” Alloy wheels
    Wheel sizes on the latest H-1 have increased. These light alloy wheels are an option to the standard steel wheel in most countries.

  • 16” Steel wheels
    These durable steel wheels are standard equipment across most of the range. Increased wheel sizes help to reduce running costs.

  • 3-way washer nozzle
    Redesigned high efficiency 3-way washer nozzles add clarity of vision without disturbing the flowing frontal treatment.

Versatility, comfortable
and elegant

The new H-1 is the correct answer when delivering people
take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical,
hard-working carrier.
The layout means there is plenty of space for professional
working equipment, sport gear or holiday luggage. Interior
comfort and refinement of the type normally associated
with passenger cars are complemented by full length side

Variety is the spice of life

Hyundai’s design team has developed an interior equal of those in most of today’s high class passenger cars. You only have to look at or feel the great fit and finish of the components, and to appreciate the achievements of the designers, engineers and technicians.

Multi-purpose seating

Clever design allows the seats to be tipped up, slid or reclined. Whatever the circumstances, there’s certain to be a combination to suit your requirements. (Application of this seating combination may vary according to countries)

  • Power window controls
    Typical of the attention to detail, the driver’s door arm rest neatly incorporates the switches for the powered window lifts and rear view mirror adjusters.

  • Multi-switch panel
    There are more neat design touches on the fascia panel for the controls for the fog lights and the rheostat.

  • Back seat tray
    A cubby hole for items between the rear seats on some models doubles as an open tray and a holder for a couple of drinks.

  • Sun visor
    The sun visor on the driver’s side doubles as a handy pocket for motorway stickers and delivery documents.

  • Sunglass case / map light
    A console in the roof serves as a drop-down container for a pair of sunglasses and some map-reading lights.

  • ECM
    The interior mirror of the wagon is an electronic chromatic type that automatically dips when dazzled by a following vehicle’s headlamp main beams.

  • Cabin lamp
    The cabin can be illuminated by a choice of six ambient colors thanks to the roof-mounted LED-type interior lamp.

  • Cup holders
    The console between the driver and front seat passenger is available with a retractable holder for a couple of bottles or cups.

  • Door lamps
    The trailing edges of the wagon’s front doors have built-in courtesy lights come on when the doors are opened.

  • Seat bench tip-up
    In the twelve-seater version of the wagon, the bench for the fourth row of seats tips up and slides to yield more space for luggage

  • Dual door pocket
    For all the magazines, maps and paperwork that are essential on journeys, the front doors feature a clever combination of dual pockets.

Power, refinement and quality
Whether the engine is gasoline or diesel, the new H-1 guarantees good performance, complemented by Hyundai's rugged dependability and eco-friendliness.
A2 2.5 CRDi (WGT)
Fuel Type : Diesel
Displacement : 2,497cc
Max. Power : 136ps / 3,800rpm
Max. Torque : 35.0kg·m / 1,500~2,500rpm

Whether the operator selects the 2.4-litre multi-point
injection gasoline engine or 2.5-litre variable geometry
turbo diesel, the H-1 delivers excellent performance and
fuel economy. According to model and market, the vehicle
features a five-speed manual or optional automatic
transmission. For optimum weight distribution and
dynamic balance, the front-mounted engine powers the
rear wheels. Passive safety features include a sturdy
body/chassis unit, a full complement of air bags and
optional anti-lock brakes.
Auto transmission
5-speed auto transmission with sports mode for
2.5 VGT diesel engine is now available in
general region. This has been developed to
make every aspect of driving more secure and
Comfort zone
The suspension is a remarkably flexible design. It is sufficiently robust to cope when the vehicle is fully laden, yet remains compliant enough to provide the occupants with a comfortable ride whatever the load - or road.
Manoeuvres made easy
Tight spaces in city centres or on country backroads are no problem for the H-1 driver. Despite having a length of more than five metres, the vehicle’s turning circle is no more than 5.6 metres.

Robust and
accurate safety

The new H-1 has been optimized for the protection of
driver and passengers. We at Hyundai keep our guard
up so that you don't have to.

Airbag system
For better crash worthiness, driver’s and passenger’s airbag is provided in new H-1 as option. They help keep the driver and passenger safely in position and minimize any likelihood of debris penetration to create an effective safety zone.

Disc brakes
Large and powerful disc brakes (16") are available on the rear wheels as well as those on the rear and front wheels. They provide the high level of stopping performance required when a wagon or van is fully laden.

A deliberate and
easy sense of comfort

Enter the H-1 and the feeling is one of sheer spaciousness and comfort. Look at
around you and you will immediately see small but significant quality of details.

Air conditioning system
The powerful air conditioning system has been re-engineered in order to incorporate roof mounted air vents each side for the added comfort of passengers seated in the rear.

Back-up warning system
Sensors in the bumpers sound an audible alarm if they detect the vehicle is being reversed into objects hidden from the driver.

AUX terminal
H-1 is provided auxiliary terminal suitable for MP3 player or tape recorder as option.

  • PA710 audio
    The top choice when it comes to H-1 audio systems - a radio, CD player, MP3 player and USB AUX.

  • H800 audio
    A favourite when it comes to audio systems - a high quality radio with an in-built cassette player and USB AUX.

  • Keyless entry & burglar alarm
    The vehicle’s doors can be locked and unlocked from a distance thanks to an electronic sender built into the ignition key.

  • Rear seat air control
    Twin rotary knobs control the temperature and fan speed for passengers seated in the rear of the wagon.


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