i20 5DR


  • Proven Safty
  • Ultimate fule economy
  • Refreshed styling both in and out
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  • Hyundai's design identity from front to rear

    Reflecting Hyundai's design identity, fluidic sculpture, the new i20 boasts more aggressive and stylish design, giving you extra confidence on the road.

  • Performance, improved again

    You will know, when you step on it, that there is something different. Yes, it indeed has increased horse-power, torque, better fuel economy and reduced CO2.

  • Convenient functions: more than enough

    Rear parking assist system, smart key, engine start button and MDPS to just name a few.

  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_04 EXTERIOR- Hexagonal grille
    - Electric foldable exterior mirror
    - Stylish head and rear combination lamps
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_05 INTERIOR- Cozy, yet luxurious feeling
    - Various interior styling options
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_06 PERFORMANCE- CVVT for power and fuel efficiency improvement (Kappa engine)
    - CRDi technology (U2 diesel engine)
    - 6-speed manual transmission available (Gamma and U2 engines)
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_07 SAFETY- ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
    - 6 Airbag system
    - Reverse parking sensors
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_08 CONVENIENCE- Engine start button
    - ECM mirror with rear view monitor
    - Super vision cluster
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Confidence on the road

i20 has more aggressive and stylish look on
the front thanks to the newly adapted hexagonal grille and refined front bumper.

The improved design of i20 headlamps illuminate the front of the vehicle while adding modern and stylish look of it.
Fog lamps or fog lamp covers
Uniquely designed fog lamps add the sporty look of the car and ensure extra visibility in non-dry environment. For models without fog lamp option, chrome-molded blanking covers are provided.

When style meets

The European styling is certainly an eye-catcher.
But that is just the beginning of the story.

The start of an exciting journey

Once you take the i20 for a spin, you will be amazed at the power of it
because it is a lot more than you have expected.

Rear combination lamps
Rear combination lamps with clear covers add yet another stylish factor and ensure high visibility for extra safety for you and following vehicles

  • Electric mirror with turn indicator
    The exterior mirrors are not only electrically adjustable, but can also be folded completely with the press of a button – just the thing to get you out of a tight spot.

  • Chrome door handles
    Chrome door handles reflect a touch of class and amplify the rich and premium feel of i20.

  • Rear washer and wiper
    Rear washer and wiper The rear washer and wiper help clean the rear windshield and ensure convenience and safety during wet and rainy conditions

  • Wheels
    i20 offers variety of wheel selection. 15"/16" alloy wheels, or you can go with 14"/15" stylish covers.


Comfort and
convenience for all

i20 is packed with fresh ideas and clever solutions. Interior space
efficiently accommodates both people and luggage.

Space and versatility
Intelligent design has created a car with a generous interior and lots of space. More importantly, the space offers practical and versatile solutions to various carrying requirements. All-round visibility, entry and exit are outstanding as well.

  • Electric sunroof
    Whether it be bright and warm sunlight, romantic moon light or cool breeze, bring them into the cabin and share them with your family.

  • Full automatic temperature control
    The AC allows you to set the temperature and the system takes over to ensure uniform and convenient cooling at all times.

  • 2-DIN audio system
    Experience exceptional sound with a 2-DIN audio system loaded with 4 speakers, 2 tweeters and the convenience of AUX-in, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Seat to suit all
    To accommodate all-comers, the driver’s seat is adjustable fore and aft, up and down and at an angle. Head and elbow rests can also be fine-tuned.


1.25 MPi gasoline
engine with CVVT

1.4 MPi gasoline
engine with VTVT

1.1 CRDi diesel

1.4 CRDi diesel

1.25 ? Kappa engine incorporates Continuously Variable Valve
Timing (CVVT) on both the intake and exhaust ports. The
technology optimizes the opening and closing of valves
for improved performance, mileage and reduced emissions.

5-speed manual transmission
The 1.4 Gamma engine is extremely robust and delivers 100 PS
peak horse power with a convenient 4-speed automatic or 6-speed
manual transmission. The advanced VTVT technology and light
aluminum alloy construction enhances power and mileage.

6-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission
The latest U2 1.1 diesel engine (available only in Europe) delivers
75 horse power and 11.6 Kg·m of torques.
This compact-but-efficient engine comes with Hyundai's
'Eco Package *.'

* Eco Package
- Europe's lowest CO? level of 84g
- Includes Idle stop & go (ISG), and only for 6 M/T and 15" wheel & tire
The technologically advanced and powerful
U2 diesel engine is quiet, clean and responsive.
Mated with a 6-speed transmission, it offers
perfect driving pleasure with enhanced fuel
efficiency,smoother drivability and refinement.

6-speed manual transmission

  • Manual transmission
    The 6-speed (with Gamma 1.4 and U2 1.4 engines) manual transmission while Kappa 1.2 engine comes with 5-speed manual transmission.
    Built-in shift indicator for manual transmission informs ideal shift timing to driver.

  • Automatic transmission
    Convenient and efficient 4-speed automatic transmission is available as well.
    * Transmission configuration may differ depending on the region.

  • Smooth and stable ride
    i20’s suspension set-up artfully balances the opposing demands of ride comfort and sporty handling. McPherson struts provide a tried and true classic solution for the front set-up while the rear axle is a torsion beam-type. The driver gets to enjoy precise, responsive handling while passengers have the pleasure of a smooth, stable ride.

6-airbag system

If that happens, the active safety systems instantly
activate the front seat belt pretensioners as the
full complement of six air bags
(front, side and curtain)
are deployed.

Electronic stability control (ESC)

Electronics are used to prevent the brakes from locking under
harsh pressure (ABS) and to control the car's traction with
Electronic stability control (ESC) when surfaces unexpectedly
become twisty or slippery.
It all happens automatically, virtually without the driver being aware.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
ABS prevents wheels from locking when the driver applies
sudden brake on a curve or slippery road making sure you
and your vehicle is always on the right track.

Rear parking assist system (RPAS)

High precision sensors embedded in the rear bumper help you
reverse the car with confidence.

  • Smart key
    i20 is tightly secured with the technology that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present.

  • Impact sensing auto door unlock
    When the car senses an abrupt impact while running with locked doors, it automatically unlocks the door so that passengers can evacuate immediately.

  • Rain sensor
    Automatic sensors keep the windshield clear by detecting how hard rain or snow is falling and determine when and how fast to activate the wipers.

Attention to detail is everywhere

The supervision cluster is ergonomically designed for the maximum visibility.
Easy-to-read dials, along with the eye-soothing blue LED illumination gives
the interior of i20 additional nice touch.

  • Connectivity (AUX and USB)
    Auxiliary audio input jack and USB plug accommodates most types of personal music players.

  • Height adjustable rear seat headrest
    For an added touch of safety and comfort, the middle seat in the rear row can be ordered with a height adjustable headrest.

  • Engine start/stop button
    The start/stop button allows you to turn the engine on and off at the touch of a button.


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"Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information."