A midsize luxury sedan (D1 Segmant)

  • Fluidic sculpture design
  • Fule efficient and tremendously stylish
  • Ensuring ride and driving stability
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  • Elegant and modern style

    The Sonata features an elegant and modern style on a soft silhouette and unique character lines inspired by nature.

  • High-quality driving

    The high-tech Active Eco System offers exceptional gas mileage and comfortable driving with various functions.

  • Ensuring ride and driving stability

    Active safety + passive safety = maximum driving confidence. The Sonata provides a comprehensive airbag system that protects both the driver and passengers.

  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_04 EXTERIORIn the language of "fluidic sculpture," the Sonata conveys power, grace and confidence.
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_05 INTERIORThe conversation continues inside, with an effortless elegance, sweeping lines and charming contrasts.
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_06 PERFORMANCEFuel efficient and environmentally conscious yet with luxuries to indulge in. Itís an engineering masterpiece anyone can enjoy.
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_07 SAFETYA rigid shell, multiple airbags and crash avoidance innovation keep you safe. Finally, a car thatís a step ahead of you.
  • 13MY_img_pip_Azera_highlights_08 CONVENIENCESonata have all the amenities you and your family will ever want plus a few extras you have not thought of.
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Style that instantly
commands attention

Assertive character lines connect the
radiator grille to the rear and permeate the hood through the bumper.
The effect is an aggressive, expressive, utterly now flair.

Cat-eyed HID headlamps
At night, light the road in front of you in the optimum way with sleeker, cat-eye shaped HID headlamps.
See & save energy with wrap-around
LED rear lights

Where the side meets the rear, safety meets style.
Energy-saving LED illumination, for increased visibility day and night.
Panorama sunroof complete with sunshades
This 3-piece type panorama sunroof features motor operated sunshades for the front and the rear.

Sleek and compelling on the side

Never has a silhouette been more dynamically stylish. A side character line encases robust side
sill molding.The gentle undulations will move you.

  • LED outside mirror repeaters
    LED lamps on the wing mirrors, smoothly integrated into the surface of the housing, mean enhanced visibility when turning.

  • Fog lamps
    Extra visibility means extra safety. When blended into the curves of the bodywork,it means extra style as well.

  • Alloy wheels
    The new Sonata offers a choice of wheels ranging from 16 to 18 inches. The flangeless design translates into a cleaner, larger and sportier appearance.

Sit. Feel. Give in to the
passion of driving

The X-concept interior combines a thrilling sort of agility with indi-
vidual flair and style. Itís an exciting space. Your space.

Posh & elegant interior color
Emotionally driven and optimally practical, the use of the finest materials and amenities create an ambience of modernity and elegance.

An 8-way power adjustable seat creates your ideal seat

Lets you find your ideal driving position quickly and easily. Height, rake, lean, and forwards and backwards positioning are at the touch of a button. Also features integrated power lumbar support.

  • Deluxe center armrest
    The central armrestís multi-box access opens to different compartments providing a place for everything from CDs to other small items. All within a simply soft place, rest your arm.

  • Auto defog system
    Sensors mounted on the windshield detect and automatically remove moisture build-up to ensure safe visibility

Theta ll 2.4 MPi

Theta II 2.4 GDi

Nu 2.0 MPi

Theta 2.4 MPi gasoline engines provide measured,
powerful performance. Plus low emissions, reduced
fuel consumption thanks to lowered weight, and
minimised vibration, particularly when idling and
Theta 2.4 GDi gasoline engines provide measured,
powerful performance. Plus low emissions, reduced
fuel consumption thanks to lowered weight, and
minimised vibration, particularly when idling and
Hyundaiís stated goal is to become the world leader in
fuel efficiency and these engines prove it. The 2.0? Nu
engine is equipped with Dual Continuously Variable
Valve Timing to boost horsepower output and lower
exhaust emissions while improving fuel economy to
best-in-class. The aluminum 2.0? Nu engine is capable
of a maximum 162ps while its peak torque rating of
19.8kg∑m is reached at 4,800rpm.
Engine performance might differ by regions.Australia only.Engine performance might differ by regions.
Paddle shifters that need but a touch
Paddle shifters located just behind the steering wheel let you change gear without taking your hands off the wheel. Through electronic transmission, you shift up and down with fingertip control.
Superior traveling with 6-speed automatic transmission
Never miss another shift. The step-gate shift pattern of the 6-speed automatic transmission, together with the secure, grippy feel of the gear stick, means you have less likelihood of engaging the wrong gear.
Softer smoother 6-speed manual transmission
With the 6-speed manual transmission, reverse gear is positioned close to the driverís seat.Not only does this maximize convenience, it also helps you when parking, since thereís less distance for the gear lever to travel.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
that keeps you in control

ESC detects unusual movements caused by sudden
braking or swerving. Sensing wheel speed and input
from the pedals, it regulates engine torque and braking
force so that you maintain control.

Advanced airbag technology, advanced safety
Total of 6 airbags are built in. They include full-length curtain airbags, the front and sides, and side airbags for the rear seat passengers.
Active headrest that protects
in the event of a rear-end collision, active headrests channel the force of the driver and passenger's size and weight into motion

No slipping with Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)
Hill-start Assist Control helps you when starting off uphill, preventing slipping for up to two seconds after you disengage the hand brake.
Brake Assist System (BAS) for better braking
During sudden braking situations, Brake Assist System senses the speed with which the brake pedal is depressed, and automatically increases brake oil pressure to provide maximum braking power.

  • Foot parking brake
    For easy and secure parking, engage the foot parking brake. Immobilizes the car safely.

  • Safety power window
    Prevents objects from getting caught in the window with automatic obstruction detection function.

Supervision cluster that informs

The supervision cluster gives you the information you need in one glance. Highly visible, its readability is
enhanced by a vacuum fluorescent display which lights up in cool, purposeful blue.

Automatic comfort with full auto air conditioning
Set the level you require, for driver and passenger, and the system automatically maintains the air temperature.

Know when youíre too close with the rear parking assist system
When activated in reverse gear, alerts the driver to the proximity of obstructions in the rear.

  • iPod, AUX and USB port
    Lets you plug in a mobile device and play your favorite tunes from compressed music files.

  • Rain sensor
    Enhanced safety with automated activation and adjustment of wiper activity.

  • 2-Level power heat seat
    Now featuring two levels of seat heating comfort for cold weather conditions.

  • Engine start button
    Convenience every time you start the engine. An easy way to begin your journeys, with no need to turn a key, you just push the button.

  • Smart key
    Allows the driver to keep the car key in his pocket when unlocking and staring the automobile.

  • Cooling glove box
    The glove box with its cooling function helps keep beverages cool during the summer.


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