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Group Services


The Elbarbary Group Co. Ltd. is working hard to provide the best possible service and product quality that there is to offer. Many business prospects are currently under way, with many trained staff providing only the best and brightest experience to a well established company.

The current companies consist of:

Elbarbary Engineering Co: Hyundai Motors and Spare Parts

Elbarbary Heavy Equipments Co: Hino Products and Spare Parts

Elbarbary Technology Co: Toshiba, Konka, Voltas & Sanyo Electronics, Spare Parts and Supplies

HSB Tires and Lubricants Co: Valvoline and Enoc Motor Oil, Dunlop, Continental and Hankook Tires, Yuasa, Barbary batteries & grease .

Elbarbary Agriculture: Import of national strategic commodities and exports of Sudanese products

Elbarbary Building Material Co: Steel and Timber Imports, Building Materials

PIL Shipping Service Co: Joint Venture with PIL Singapore.



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