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Continental Tyres


Continental Tyres: is one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers. The tyres are known for their excellent force transmission, optimum tracking stability and superb vehicle-road contact in all types of weather.

There are around 18.6 million kilometres* of major roads worldwide and we’ve got the right tire for
every one of them.
* 11.5 million miles

Continental Truck Tires – first-class economy thanks to tires optimised for every application.

Over 75% of all goods are transported by truck, and this trend is continuing. At the same time, greater demands are being placed on freight forwarders as they form part of an increasingly efficient global logistics network. As an international partner to the transport and logistics industry, we know the markets as well as we know the roads around the world, and we also know that, ultimately, cost effectiveness is what matters.

But no two roads are the same and no two consignments are the same, which is why we developed Continental Truck Tires – the ideal solution to your specific transport requirements by substantially increasing the overall economic efficiency of your fleet.

From loose reinforcing bars via steep gradients to deep troughs – when it comes to demolition, excavation and site clearing, your tires have a lot to handle. And they have to perform reliably. Hour after hour. From one season to the next. Just like Continental Truck Tires do.

When heavy loads meet rough terrain - that’s a construction site. Usually, the only thing that is clearly defined is the tight schedule.
And the economical viability of the schedule stands and falls with the reliability of the material. But reliability and sustained economic efficiency are precisely what Continental Truck Tires are known for. Thanks to their sturdy belt design, an on-/off-road compound which is particularly cut and tear resistant, plus modern tread pattern designs, they ensure the best traction and maximum operating hours

Whether you’re using international trunk roads, long-distance routes or shuttle services, with every kilometre you travel along the motorway, Continental Truck Tires can help you run your transport operations more efficiently.

Continental Truck Tires are designed for the predominantly consistent conditions encountered in motorway driving and can therefore maximise the full potential of their specifically customised material characteristics and advanced tire structure. In short, optimised wear resistance, ground pressure distribution, rolling resistance and tire weight result in a significantly higher mileage with noticeably lower fuel consumption. This
ultimately means an effective improvement in the economic efficiency of your transport tasks.



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