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HSB Features


The HSB Tyres and Lubricant Co. includes a wide variety of high performance, high quality products and brands that help aid customers in maintaining the
caliber of their personal and business owned vehicles.

In addition to being an appointed distributor and supplier of many Tyre Brands, the HSB is specialized in the sales of a wide variety of Motor Vehicle
products. These products include:

Specialized sales of Barbary Custom Made Tubes, Sparkplugs and Motor Oil
Champion Spark Plugs
Continental and Altura tyres
Valvoline and Cepsa Lubricants
Valvoline Car Care and Speciality Products
Yuasa, Champion and Barbary batteries

HSB Tyres & Lubricant has vast experience in marketing of Tyre & Lurbricants and has countrywide own retail network/branches to carryout the retail business. Apart from that HSB has dedicated expatriate marketing professionals for Institutional, Corporate and Industrial market segment.

* Leading distributor in Sudan for Tyres, Butyl Tubes, Lubricants, Batteries, Car Care Products, Spark Plug etc.
* We cater to Retail market, Transport companies, Construction companies, OE Frechisee and Commercial accounts.
* In tyre we deal in PCB, PCR, LTB, LTR, TBB, TBR, AGRI, Industrial and OTR tyres catogary.
* In Lubricants we deals in All Automotive & Industrial lubricants i.e. Engine Oil, Gear oil, Hydraulic oil, ATF, Greases, Break fluid and coolants etc.
* We are dealing in All type and all sizes of Batteries from 40 AH to 150 AH.
* We are also dealing in Spark plug for all the vehicles.

HSB Tyres & Lubricants aim & Mission:

To be a leading regional integrated oil & gas group highly profitable and socially responsible towards employees, community and environment

* Achieving sustainable development and highly profitable growth
* Serving growing energy in Sudan
* Attracting, developing and retaining top talent to become the employer of choice
* Adopting latest technologies and implementing best practices thus achieving world-class performance
* Meeting and exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality and service
* Maintaining high industry standards in Environment, Health and Sefety




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