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The Elbarbary Building Materials has an extensive range of steel and timber products:



is a brand of Ceat tyres, The oldest company of the RPG Enterprises, CEAT Tyres was established in 1958. Today, Ceat one of India’s


CEPSA leads an industrial group made up of over 11,000 people, whose core activity is the refining of crude oil and marketing of petroleum


is one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers. The tyres are known for their excellent force transmission, optimum tracking stability and superb vehicle-road contact in all types of weather.


OEM Endorsed Products

- OEM Endorsed Products
- Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils
- Natural Gas Engine Oils
- Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils
- Grease
- Hydraulic and Industrial Oils

Consumer products

- Motor Oil
- Antifreeze & Radiator Products
- Brake Fluids
- Power Steering Products
- Automatic Transmission Products
- Fuel Additives
- Spray Lubricants
- Grease & Gear Oil
- Engine & Parts Cleaners
- Maintenance Products



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