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Elbarbary Medical Products

1. E-Cube 15

The exceptional image quality and supreme resolution you need for a confident diagnosis can now be found with the new E-CUBE 15 ultrasound system. Ultrasound based decisions with a conclusive diagnosis enhance the quality of your medical treatment as well as patient throughput at hospitals and clinics. ALPINION’s E-CUBE 15 ultrasound system, built around a unique FleXcan Architecture™ offers exceptional performance for diverse applications. In addition, E-CUBE 15 provides various functions and an application-dedicated image spectrum without restrictions. Premium transducers, exclusively developed for the E-CUBE 15, produce optimized images per each application.

The new E-CUBE 15 is a premium choice for your consideration. Experience the definitive qualities of the E-CUBE 15 that gives absolute confidence for a conclusive diagnosis and extreme flexibility in versatile solutions.


2. E-Cube 9

ALPINION's E-CUBE 9 offers excellent image qualities and durability consistently regardless of time.

Based on ALPINION's superb imaging technologies,
E-CUBE 9 provides outstanding imaging performance when diagnosing high volume of patients. It delivers high-quality images without the case dependency
by the integration of all core technologies from ALPINION's own image technology and the wide bandwidth imaging through the single crystal transducers. Transducer.



3. E-Cube 7

The E-CUBE 7 is equipped with ALPINION’s renowned core imaging technology. The E-CUBE 7 maintains core values and an ultrasound capability based on an analysis of the user’s diagnostic environment. Experience a smart ultrasound system that is chosen by smart users - increase your diagnostic confidence and productivity.

Equipped with ALPINION's core imaging technology, the E-CUBE 7 is an evolution of the E-CUBE series that provides high-resolution imaging performance with uniformity and deep penetration. The E-CUBE 7's configuration with premium-class transducers (such as linear, convex, phased array, volume convex, and single-crystal) produces a wide range of optimal images from daily practice to advanced clinical examinations. The E-CUBE 7 is optimally designed for user convenience and space efficiency that provide outstanding mobility. Transducer.


4. E-Cube Inno

The Value Innovative Ultrasound System

ALPINION, a leading name in medical ultrasound technology, establishes new paradigms for a hand-carried ultrasound system with core customer values. The E-CUBE inno is an essential HCU system that enables a expeditious diagnosis regardless of time or place. Transducer.


5. VIFU2000

ALPINION's integrated pre-clinical HIFU system, VIFU-2000, is designed for investigating a wide range of high intensity focused ultrasound guided drug delivery applications and target treatment testing in small animal researches. Utilizing High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy, the VIFU 2000 provides either continuous-wave (CW) or pulse-wave (PW) mode, allowing user to evaluate and investigate ultrasound mediated drug delivery effects. Mechanical radiation, thermal effect, and acoustic cavitation mechanisms are applied.

The VIFU 2000 consists of three major parts; VIFU 2000 main body, Imaging system and integrated VIFU software package. The VIFU 2000 main body includes precision motion control system, built-in water treatment system, and high efficient focused ultrasound transducer. The VIFU software package is desinged with user-friendly interface and functional graphic features that purposefully to streamline the operation steps and made easy the treatment plan for novel users.




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