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First founded in 1906 by the late Hafiz Elsayed Elbarbary under Hafiz Elsayed Elbarbary Company Ltd, Elbarbary Group has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the leading companies in Sudan with a great client base in the country and worldwide ties with shipping agencies from the far East and West. 

Welcome To Elbarbary

The Elbarbary Group was established in 1906, by late Hafez Elsayed Elbarbary. Born as a company based in the market of steel production, timber trade, and export of many local products, the company began to further extend its reaches to agencies around the world. Throughout the years, the Hafez Elsayed Elbarbary Co. Ltd. has structured itself as a major business in Sudan, dealing with many types of agencies

By establishing a respectful and prosperous business, the company has formed contacts using the Port of Sudan, and created ties with worldwide shipping agencies located in Singapore, Pakistan, Germany, Belgium and the U.K.

Further still, Hafez Elsayed Elbarbary Co. Ltd.. has involved itself in transporting shipments arriving at Port Sudan and distributing them within the greater territory of Sudan.

The Elbarbary Group Co. Ltd. is working hard to provide the best possible service and product quality that there is to offer. Many business prospects are currently under way, with many trained staff providing only the best and brightest experience to a well established company.

Thank you for choosing Elbarbary Group Co. Ltd. and feel free to visit or contact our offices located in the greater Khartoum area.

Our Team

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A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.


Our aim, at Elbarbary Group, is to put Sudan on the world map as a vital, leading market able to impact the global economic movement.


At EIbarbary group we are thriving to become an internationally recognized entity with world class standards, whilst using our family values at its core.


General Trading Co (Trading in spices in Port City)
investment in Portsudan Real Estate
1950 Building Materials
Trade Import of Building Materials and Exports
1960 Building Materials
Market Leader in Timber Imports
Largest Vessel of Wood Cargo Imported to Sudan
Sudanese Steel Products Co. Ltd,
1975 HINO
Mitsubishi Corporation introduced Hino Motors
Hyundai Motor Company
2008 PIL
PIL Shipping Co. Ltd.
2010 Elbarbary Medical
Elbarbary Medical Co. Ltd.
2012 Agro & Commodity Trading
JV Maviga Crops Sifting
2015 Pil Logistics
PIL logistics Co. Ltd.
2018 Auto Care
Elbarbary Autocare Co. Ltd.

Our Partners


With great honor and pride, I am continuing on the footsteps of my grandfather’s insightful leadership, clear vision and determination to create a brighter future for us all here in Sudan. Leading a group of companies that is shaping the business and economic landscape of Sudan and watching it grow from its humble beginnings to a globally recognized entity, is extremely rewarding.

I believe that our ability to overcome both the challenges faced and the troubled times which our country, Sudan, has experienced and still is experiencing is our greatest encouragement and motivator to work harder towards developing not only the Sudanese business leaders of tomorrow but the untapped opportunities available also.

My appreciation extends to our vital members in Elbarbary Group, our local and international staff who continue to surpass all expectations with their drive to succeed, dedication and commitment to improve our global economic standing.

As we progress in our journey, we maintain our focus on giving back to our community who has always supported us by providing assistance when needed and contributing in creating a better life for our fellow citizens through sponsoring, nurturing and training the Sudanese youth so as to become the leaders of our nation.

“Together we can make a difference, together we can shape Sudan’s future”.


CEO & Managing Director


Setting a strategic culture is key to unlocking Sudan’s potential. Our most valuable asset are our human resource.

We are carefully repositioning ourselves in the Sudanese market with a new sense of belonging and a greater purpose.

Renda K. Elbarbary_

Organisational leaders must establish a sense of inclusivity. Focusing on sustainable projects that are essential to the continuous development of the Sudanese economy, subsequently contributing in driving Africa’s growth towards a brighter future.

Mohamed K.Elbarbary