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  • Yellow color ATOS is placed in front of a modern building
    • Qualified with 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe (Santa Fe Sport in U.S) in U.S./Canadian specifications, equipped with optional front crash prevention

The better way

Big on style and features

The all-new ATOS is definitely the right choice. The sporty design is eye-catching but beyond the smart looks ATOS is an amazing performer. Advanced powertrains set new benchmarks for efficiency and economy. Inside, ATOS impresses with its spacious cabin, versatile storage and state-of-the-art connectivity. And when it comes to safety, ATOS checks all the boxes, leaving nothing to be desired. Designed for young families and active singles, ATOS is in a class of its own: the smart class.

The perfect fit

For those who are constantly on the go ATOS proves to be the perfect fit. Whether you’re single, young couple or a young family, ATOS is the right choice. It’s got a relaxed modern style that projects confident sophistication. Inside, it’s impressively spacious and loaded with versatility so ATOS is always up to the task: It’ll take you everywhere and do everything you ask with a minimal burden on your pocketbook.

Emotion in the details

Look a little more closely and you’ll discover there’s emotion packed into those small design details. Notice the touch of class provided by chrome trimmed grille. Full-size wheel covers add a stylish touch. And the sporty-looking two-tone color treatment brings it up a few notches. Little details do make the difference.

Always ready

Whatever you throw at it, ATOS shows an eagerness for more. Whether you’re driving solo or heading out for a weekend excursion with the entire family, ATOS proves to be a tough little workhorse that always gets it done without hesitation or complaint. Whenever you’re ready, ATOS is ready.

Pretty Smart

Slip inside, pull the door shut and relax. ATOS makes it easy to do just that. Every interior detail is designed to inform and satisfy the senses—the mark of good design. At every turn, you notice expert craftsmanship, quality materials and eye-pleasing colors. Controls look and feel familiar and are intuitive to operate. To keep you well connected, there’s Bluetooth 4.0 that will make your smart-looking ATOS even smarter.

Advanced cluster with MID

Day or night the Supervision cluster stays bright and razor-sharp and includes a 2.5-in Multi Information Display with refueling calculator, oil change reminder and more.

7˝ touchscreen

Enjoy the ultimate in connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 handsfree support (including voice recognition) for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. The high-resolution WVGA screen offers GPS navigation and interfaces with the Parking Assist System and rear camera.

Manual air conditioning system

Adjusting the temperature couldn’t be simpler with this trio of dial-type knobs and universally recognized icons.

Seat color package

Jazz it up a little with the optional color package that gives your interior a stylish Yellow + Black theme.

Map pocket with bottle holder

Front doors include handy map pockets and cubby holes that are perfect for storing bottles up to 1L in size.

Folding rear seat

Not enough space in the 235L trunk? Make more room by simply folding down the seat backrest.

Rear AC vents

Easy-to-adjust vents greatly enhance rear seat comfort and are perfectly located for optimal airflow.

Delightful driving

ATOS has a way of exceeding expectations. Turn the key, shift into gear and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its sprightly acceleration. The steering tracks true and feels solid while the suspension irons out the bumps for a comfortably smooth ride. ATOS’ exceptionally rigid steel body—made of highly advanced steel alloys—provides the firm foundation required for superior driving dynamics and class-leading safety

Nimble performer

Whether it’s a quick hop downtown or cruising for hours along the expressway, ATOS puts in an agile and nimble performance. And you can count on the powertrain to deliver absolutely top notch efficiency, reliability and economy. The innovative Smart Auto 5-speed transmission is new to the range and gives you the the economy of a manual with the convenience of an automatic-the very best of both worlds.

Smart Auto AMT

The 5-speed Smart Auto gets rid of the clutch pedal to give you the best of both worlds: the economy of manual shifting and convenience of an automatic

5-speed manual transmission

The 5-speed manual transmission delivers smooth and accurate gear shifting with maximum economy

Anti-lock Brake System

ABS prevents skidding and helps retain steering ability so you can maintain directional control and avoid skidding.

Epsilon 1.1 MPi Gasoline

  • 69Maximum Power ps/5,500 rpm
  • 10.1Maximum Torque kg.m/2,800 rpm

Kappa 1.0 MPi Gasoline

  • 83Maximum Power ps/6,000 rpm
  • 11.6Maximum Torque 83 kg.m/4,000 rpm

Stress-free safety

Wherever your journeys take you, ATOS driving inspires confidence and takes much of the stress and anxiety out of driving. ATOS protects you and your loved ones with some of the most advanced safety technologies available in the automotive industry today starting with the super-rigid steel body shell. Advanced depowered airbags and the Antilocking Brake System provide supplementary protection.

Electronic Stability Control

ESC monitors the vehicle’s intended path and on sensing any instability, it instantly applies throttle and brake intervention to help prevent the loss of directional contro

Dual airbag system

New depowered-type airbags are calibrated to deploy so that the risk of personal injury is always minimized.

Hillstart Assist Control

HAC takes the stress and potential danger out of hill starts by automatically holding down the brake pedal until the accelerator is depressed.

Rear Parking Assist System

Bumper sensors warn the driver of unseen rear obstacles while reversing thus ensuring safer parking and minimizing the risk of damage or injury.

Rear view camera with guidelines

The parking assist system includes a rear view camera that displays on the headunit and includes guidelines for easier maneuvering in tight parking situations.


Exterior Colors

Interior Trims

Black Mono

Black + Beige

Black + Yellow